The spreading of audiovisual technology can improve the understanding of information that we receive from the world and that we ourselves want to communicate to the world.

Our video projection systems are always abreast of the times and cover a wide range of solutions to make delightful any kind of event.
R.A.F. has gained awareness about how visualization technologies are a key factor in this communication network, by offering cutting-edge sound and video products for the benefit of those who use communication technologies to provide clear and easily understandable informations.
Nowadays it is essential for us to be able to projecting live images from cameras, DVD players, computers or other sources, on one or more high-definition wide screens which can clearly be visible even whether surrounding natural light might alter sharpness.
In this case high-brightness and high-resolution projectors are available capable of reading any video signal type and standard data.
Clearness of image and quality of details are a primary requirement to attend the viewing of images related to a business or teaching presentation, a sport performance or a movie.
According to the needs, we can dispose of screens for front-projection or rear-projection, videowall, back-light or infra-red LCD screens, all available in different size and pixel. We can create synergies among special effects and images proposed thanks to the help of modern graphic mixer.


Videoconference and streaming

A videoconference can be carried out by phone network thanks to using of ISDN or ADSL systems, thus ensuring users connected the sensation of being present at the moment when the event takes place.
They can so have the sensation of being in the same place where others are and could interact each other during connection, as the transmission of signals operates in bilateral mode.
Signals which are withdrew from the main hall will be conveyed to a sound-video mixer. This device will send them to the congress hall by an adsl phone line.
For remote transmission we can provide high-quality streaming services through IP or ISDN connections.
Sound-video streaming service allows you to follow all steps of the congress in sound-video web mode, presentation slides and whatever else.
The reception signal will be shown directly on the end user's computer.


Satellite links for events and conferences

Transmission services for sound-video signals are an example of satellite links, with video-directory run by technical staff who is used to work in operatory rooms, in compliance of all rules, to execute technical services in all hospitals.
Sound-video connections between the operatory room and conference room is usually made via satellite, enriching so the event with interactive live sessions.


Closed circuit tv systems

R.A.F. is specialized in supplying high-quality standard of closed circuit tv systems.
R.A.F. can satisfy any customer needs and offers sound and video closed circuit systems, thanks to high quality machinery of professional use and thanks to high skilled staff.
TVCC system ensures that everything what happens in the main hall can be followed in another room where a computer screen is installed, for example. In this way everyone can take view of the same event at the same time even being in different rooms or even in different buildings, up to a maximum distance of 500 meters (by using cables).
Graphic contribution transmissions or slide presentation by Powerpoint can be done together by scan converter systems.
Scan converter turns the images of graphic presentations into composite video signal, so that they can play without losing quality in the closed-circuit tv system.

Interaction between main hall and other ones is guaranteed. Different functions to capture guests attention are provided, such as discreetly putting the speaker who’s relating the topic now in the low bottom of the screen, everything happens live and broadcasted immediately when shooted.

“Cavaliere elettronico” (Electronic Nameplate) is another function we can provide: insert the relator’s name below its image. Names or sponsor logos can be directly put below images shown.
Moreover we can broadcast images of two relators on the same screen by using more cameras and a video-mixer.
A TVCC system is surely a strong instrument to make a congress successful even when using different halls, since sound-video signals picked from the main hall can be broadcasted and distributed to one or more other halls at the same time with passive receiving.