Since over 50 years R.A.F. aims itself as a well established company in the field of indoor and outdoor sound amplification, by offering targeted advices and services for professional sound system to create an experience at the same time unique, original, expertly careful in every single detail, so as to meet the most varied custom requirements in any events realization.
The goal that R.A.F. has set is to provide the highest possible performance at all levels, so as to achieve high-level quality thanks to the sound systems it uses: flexibles, compacts, reliables and suitables for any setting.
Always vigilant care to the technical staff training and its growth as well as updated management allows us to have so many human resources with high technical skills and great experience, able to face any request both before and during the event.
All services that R.A.F. offers are characterized by professionalism, availability and advanced technologies. That allows us to offer innovative solutions to all what our customers need starting from small meeting rooms to large conference halls, auditorium, theaters and headed to all those who are in need of a professional sound solution.
R.A.F. uses professional sound distribution systems belonging to the best brands, who can provide sound facilities for events of any size, to ensure uniformity of coverage and maximum communication effectiveness.