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Post-event services

Post-event services are those who allow to see a success or harvest the fruits of lavished efforts. R.A.F. knows well this features about events organization thanks to its decennal experience and a hundred of projects driven to success. That’s the reason why it can project, plan and realize on all counts linked to the “after-work”. This is seen as immediate, short or medium term.

Whether it’s moments of conviviality to follow the actual event, entertainment, in-depth understanding of the area, time at leisure, sightseeing or queer ventures to develop team-building among bystanders, R.A.F. is always available to all customers to spot best solutions, the most fanciful and always high-quality, top-class and wholly satisfying for guests.

As under one aspect sight communication is basic to achieve success and have to be of immediate impact as well as be able to inspire awe and excitement, it’s also of primary importance to succeed in grasping and documenting these feelings in order to prove the real success of the venture and public involvement.
Everything should be left to professionals who hold specific expertise and professionalism in this field. Everything must contribute to the creation of an event that should go beyond time-boundaries as to create a point of departure towards new successes: sound-video production and post-productions realized thanks to using of latest technologies and a deep technical know-how, bystander census, audience approval, catering, entertainment, follow-up actions.