Over the years R.A.F. has acquired a great experience in lighting spectacular art installations by realizing light scenographic installations and lighting systems in the context of historical buildings, urban spaces and architectural complexes.
A well-designed lighting can highlight a salient architectural appearance, emphasize a significant depth in a conference, give visibility to the blanks, rediscover a new innovative vision.
Outlining and juxtaposing art and technology among them, R.A.F. is now able to design and create sophisticated atmospheres through the light at any location requested: conference halls, convention centers, historical buildings, natural features, enterprises, villas, parks, hotels.

R.A.F. uses light to create new emotions. Thanks to the magic of the light the message gains strength and visually strucks all those who can enjoy this vision.
Lighting is designed by “swaying” the light, to get its intensity modulated in directivity and shadings.
We kept the wealth of skills acquired over the years, through the application of the same in the world of theater, television and fashion, always integrating them with the latest technologies, also from the point of view of energy and thus creating a union with all updated video-projection techniques.

Thinking about the meaning of light means feeling close to something unreal, something that sunders light from darkness. Light itself becomes the language of art and culture, such as when it decorates architectures and monumental ornaments.
Light always plays a relevant role in event's realizations, as it happens in painting.
One who “creates “ the light can make each event unique and different from others through intensities and shades of colour.

R.A.F. conceives design and implementation of lighting for events as a true scenic consulting service.
R.A.F. can also afford a wide range of solutions suitable to any kind of setting able to combine intensity, colours and rhythms to make the event a real feast for your eyes and respond to all our clients needs.