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Designing and construction of equipments is essential when creating scenografies the most original, cozy and engaging, expressing the purest meaning of the event or meeting. Everything is integrated: lights, equipment, reception facilities, hall facilities, to allow everyone to experience closely with didactics, relationships, educational or entertainment.

To reach the top in each of our projects, we choose to employ only the best professionals to create time by time an unforgettable experience, being able to make use of suitable features according to our customer’s needs: construction, realization or rental of decorative elements, size and materials to comply the environment requested, etc.

We dispose of everything you might wish: modular stage; props; advertising signs of all sizes; all types and colours coatings; cross-linked aluminium structures; backdrops of different features and functionality and all the elements that can be configured to represent the scenery, reproduce the “look & feel” of a brand, an event or a company.

Everything concerning event planning is managed in strict compliance and proactive verification with all regulations in terms of safety of people and suitability of materials used.