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Conference Services

R.A.F. is an experienced and reliable partner for assisting in all kind of conference organization. We can easily plan and realize the whole requested project by managing in all steps of the event as a main-contractor or also operate in a determinate field where the customer may expect reaching an excellent goal. Here to follow are some of the provided conference services among the most requested. We will not fail to detect in R.A.F. availability and capacity to plan, design and implement solutions for every needs in the field of event organization, conferences, congress, seminars, workshops and concerts.


Slide Center

Slide center represents the gathering point of the whole topics of a convention. The speaker can so test his relation and make a last minute change, being sure not to incur in display problems or incompatibility with the relation itself, once he got to the main hall.
We run reports in any room with an innovative approach by our exclusive “Count-Down” software, combined with a latest generation hardware: quick and reliable image presentation; integration into a single graphical interface of slides, Electronic Nameplate and timer; possibility of broadcasting informations about work progress and information messages all about the convention hall.
We also offer the slide center realization, networked with PCs set in the halls for file transferring and internet-point realizations.


Attendance recording system

These systems are to be set up for attendance recording system (as requested under the ECM law) and for onlookers moving about congress halls or restricted teaching areas, or finally for those who need to move to get their work done.

  • These services are delivered with minimal electromagnetic radiation, with the following goals:
  • Respect for people and environment
  • Easy running even with large inflows
  • Full opening systems for escape in accordance with the Safety Act
  • Time and break management during the course of congress
  • Combination among name and ID digital pass of the owner
  • Managing of data network and learning about status of admissions in various rooms in real time.

Experience and technology gained during years of research and production of wireless systems allow today to use this new system to attendance recording during the conference.
Completely innovative system if compared to others nowadays on trade, it does not operate in respect just of those who enter and exit, but checks the whole room at predetermined intervals of five minutes each.

Digital pass can detect each single presence in 20 different rooms, can express a vote by two buttons (yes/no – true/false) and make the call. It is easy to be installed thanks to these features and suitable for congress service companies.

System layout:

  • 20 different pre-codes predisposition by two combined position switches, for a better identification of people in adjoining halls
  • Attendance system running each 5 minutes
  • Multi-antenna system to easy operating in wide rooms
  • Low power consumption
  • High-quality production controls
  • Possibility of using even when electronic voting systems are carried via radio
  • System versatility


Televoting system is an important means of communication and interaction through which you can manage in an innovative and engaging variety of events:

  • Congress
  • Conference
  • Business meeting
  • Tv and theater show

It is an analysis instrument greatly effective and valid to assess the learning for what is required by the CME program in medical and scientific meetings.
The system consists in a series of portable keyboards with numbers and battery powered, a control unit and a computer.
Questions you are about to ask are pre-recorded on the computer before the meeting starts using specific softwares, afterward will be submitted to participants who can answer by pressing one or more buttons at the same time, depending how voting procedures have been set.
The interrogation of the control unit directed to all keyboards takes place via radio, in a sequential way and at high speed while each stored response will be sent to the Control Unit and from this step straight to the computer. Each participant has the opportunity to answer the questions appearing on the big screen by a simple wireless remote control.
Once the interrogative step is over, outcomes will immediately appear on the screen as numbers or graphics.
Thanks to the “stand-by” service, televoting functional outcome will be shown in any time, even before each voting is done, in order to detect the exact number of who is about to answer.

Simplicity of operation, guarantee of anonymity and ability to quickly collect opinions, they guarantee a huge public involvement in such a way to facilitate the whole process of communication in the course of the event.


Simultaneous translation

For ensuring communication in four languages, the Nuremberg Process used for the first time in history a simultaneous translation service, with a system designed specifically for that purpose.
Since then talking about a Simultaneous Translation we mean the work of instant translation of a speech from a language to another one while it’s taking place.
This sort of translation is normally used in international meetings and conferences to allow an audience composed of people speaking different languages to follow the proceeding of works, each of them in their own mother tongue. We also offer equipment rental for simultaneous translation, providing the most innovative technologies of simultaneous translations BOSCH branded:

  • DCN (Digital Congress Network) infra-red system is a 12 channel simultaneous translation system
  • Fully digital INTEGRUS via-radio system, can distribute high-quality sound to a large range of people. You are free to move wherever you wish about the congress area, without causing any interference in reception due to artificial or solar light.

All our interpreters' booths are soundproof and comply with the regulations in force and can be installed in different rooms thanks to the cctv system and the presence of control monitors located in the main hall and in compliance with the ISO/IACI international standards.